Wedding Flowers On A Budget – How To Make A Budget Bridal Bouquets DIY

It’s good for you, as a bride to be, to know some things that will help you choosing the right flowers, form or aspect of your budget bridal bouquets. Thus you can tell the florist what your expectations are respecting the bouquet or you will actually make your bridal bouquet by yourself if you are looking for wedding flowers on a budget.

There are some advices for you to make budget bridal bouquets:

  • Budget bridal bouquet has to be easy to hold
  • The bouquet’s height does not have more than 10-15 centimeters, so it will not cover the bride.
  • The bouquet has to follow the lines of the bride’s body and not to exceed it.
  • Not to be seen the wire with whom you tied the flowers into the bouquet and take care that the wire’s ends will not hurt the bride’s hands (that’s for the wires are flexed and filled it through the stems).
  • The stems not to have awn.
  • The bouquet has not to blot the bride dress (for example, the lily’s pollen).
  • The wedding flowers has to hold out and to be fresh for the entire wedding day.
  • The green material has not to smell badly and that for you will not use the Tagetes (a species of Chrysanthemum ).

There are many types of bridal bouquet appropriate to each need or fitting special bride: the round, flowing, irregular bouquets.

The round bouquet is made from one single type of flower or many types, but it has to be harmonious by colors and forms. respecting the different forms of flowers, the biggest has to be the central one. This bridal bouquet fits a short youthful wedding dress and it’s not appropriate to a stocky bride, because this form emphasizes the imperfections of the bride. The small bouquet can be made by flowers like freesia, hyacinth, daisy, mini rose.

Some wedding flowers on a budget looks like a tear. Above you’ll put the noble, ponderous and the biggest or full-blown flowers and flowing effect comes from the flowers with a long stem (like the roses) and those with a tenuous and flexible stem. Those flowers are tied with wires and could be the punks, the fragile flowers like the orchids. This bridal bouquet is appropriate to each bride whatever the age is and we recommend it to the low or the pregnant brides.

The irregular budget bridal bouquet is made by the prevailing character flowers. It’s a modern type which puts to the proof your imagination, your common sense. This is a combination of all types presented before. It’s important the asymmetry and you can use every ornamental elements or materials.

For a bridal bouquet, you can use every flower you want, even the sunflower or immortal and field flowers, just to be in the same air and atmosphere of the wedding.

The bridal bouquet has to be very resistant, because the bride is carrying it all over and also there is the practice of throwing the bouquet. Therefore there are some special techniques of clenching the flowers. They could be knotted, wired or stick.

The most popular technique of making a bridal bouquet is that in which the florist uses a purchased bouquet holder. Bouquet holders are usually made of white plastic, are cone-shaped and have an attached handle. They come with floral foam already inserted into the cone.

There are a few steps for you to make your own bouquet with wedding flowers on a budget:

  1. Choose the flowers that you will use (we recommend that the flowers from the bridal bouquet were bride’s favorites and will complement both the wedding colors and any other wedding flowers on a budget planned).
  2. Keep the flowers into water and, while are you using them, maintain the flower up, thus the hydration process will deploy.
  3. Place the bouquet holder upside down on the surface of a large bowl of water. Hold on to the handle and let the holder gradually sink to the bottom of the bowl. This will saturate the foam. Remove the bouquet holder from the water and dry the exterior.
  4. Begin the placement of the flowers from the top of the holder. The flower’s stem could be as short as you need. Therefore you have to determine how much of the stem you’d like to have above the foam, and then cut the stem at a very sharp angle 1 1/2 to 2 inches below that point. If you want to rearrange an inserted flower, remove the flower, cut the stem once more and reinsert it in a different spot in the foam.
  5. Wire every stem before sticking in the foam of the holder. The wire will pass through the foam and it has to be bended and knotted by the holder, for the best resistance.
  6. To create a cascade effect, you have to insert various lengths of greenery such as ivy or fern at the bottom of the bouquet holder or let the stems of the flowers to be long and wire them by the plastic part of the holder. For a modern bouquet you can use an wool or silk material, even pieces of gunny.
  7. You need to cover the holder with aspidistra’s leafs or cut stems or you can cover it with a purchased silk or tul material. A special bridal bouquet, a modern one, could be decorated by a wool material, especially if the flowers were field’s ones or the wedding took place into a rustic space or outside.

Use a 2-inch-wide silk or satin ribbon in a color that complements the wedding colors. If the bride prefer, use some artifices: use a combination of different or complementary ribbon’s colors. Add a pearl spray or two as well. You can also use one or two flowing wired pearls or one warm colored butterfly.

Aura Surcel is a Romanian floral designer with many ideas of wedding flowers on a budget, natural decorations, budget bridal bouquets, flowers and plants, traditional treatments and of the flower shop business. She also loves nature, flowers and to make floral arrangements.

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