Practical Ideas For Wedding Favors


Weddings are beautiful, magical, yet often expensive events. If you are planning to have your own very soon, you have to understand that a careful planning in advance is what you must do to avoid last minute panic, and of course overspending. With so many things that a usual wedding need, it is spending money can easily be out of control.

Actually, there are several parts of the wedding where one can save money. Wedding favors, in particular, doesn’t have to be extravagant nor lavish. For every wedding that we go to, the wedding favors are what we often look forward to at the end of the party. These little gifts symbolizes thanks and appreciation from the bride and groom, but again they should not cost a fortune. Practical wedding favors are easier than you think to allow each of your guests to take home a memento of your big day. So what should couple give to show appreciation without spending too much?

Here are some practical ideas for wedding favors:

Do it yourself!

DIY wedding favor kits are usually available at local craft stores and online. Or, you can purchase decorative items that are ready to decorate for a minimal cost, compared to what your will be paying when buying already made up favors. Tulle, ribbons, tiny flowers and tags are some of the most popular decorations you can have on your homemade wedding favors. Then, you can finish them off by adding personalized tags. With DIY wedding favors, you’ll be able to not only give out gifts inexpensively, but your creativity and personality will also be reflected.

Think Useful!

Practical wedding favors are not only limited to affordable items, but to useful ones as well. Giving gifts that your guests can actually use is definitely a great idea. A useful wedding favor idea will not be easily discarded because it is meant to be used by your guests. A few useful favors you may consider to choose from are: refrigerator magnets; pens; coasters; bottle stoppers; bottle opener; salt and pepper shakers; tea infusers; mini cheese graters; pizza cutters; measuring spoons; hand fans.

Get Creative!

When it comes to practical favors, think outside the box! Being creative, however, doesn’t mean you have to be an artists for you to be able to come up with fancy favors to give out. Utilize what you have at home, such as your personal computer. There are endless possibilities you can try using your computer, which will assure you to give out one of a kind favor that will not be easily forgotten.

Shop Online!

Unlike with what you will be paying at a local store, online wedding shops usually offer various types of favors at affordable prices. Aside from favors, online stores also offer different choices of other wedding supplies, such as invitations, decorations, centerpieces, wedding ceremony supplies, wedding reception supplies and etc. These online products are also available for personalization, which is a perfect idea to help make your wedding personalized.

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