Bridal Eye Makeup: Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to deciding how you want your makeup done for the big day pay particular attention to how your going to have your eyes done up. The right amount of eye makeup in the perfect coordinated shades will not only make you look beautiful, but will also make your eyes stand out for photographs. But before you go applying vast amounts of eyeshadow and liner to your eyes, make sure to take a look at our do’s and don’ts for bridal eye makeup.

Absolutely Do:

  • Hire a makeup artist. The way your makeup is done for you wedding should most definitely be different than the makeup you wear for everyday activities. Be sure to try out several makeup artists and hire the one who you think matches your personal taste and desired bridal style. Having a makeup artist will not only make you look fabulous, but it should help you keep on schedule and keep you less stressed.
  • Keep eye drops handy. These are great to get rid of any red of irritation from those tears of joy you may have shed already. Be sure to use a brand your eyes are familiar with. You wouldn’t want to use a different brand and end up walking down the aisle with an eye irritation.
  • Get as much rest as possible. We know it will be hard to sleep that week before the wedding, but try to rest. This will keep you eyes form looking tired on the wedding day. If you do end up having dark circles don’t worry, just apply some concealer to hide it.
  • Use matte eye shadow. This type of shadow will not reflect light, making sure your eyes won’t be too shiny in pictures. Also use an off-white matte eye shadow along the top of your brow to illuminate your eyes. Doing this will give you a glow factor, but make sure you blend it in well.
  • Have your eyebrows defined. Have your makeup artist use a brow pencil that closely matches your hair color. Then have them add at least two layers of waterproof mascara.

Absolutely Don’t:

  • Overdo the eye makeup. You don’t want to look like your about to head out to a costume party. Be sure to have some makeup test rounds done to get the desired amount of coverage for your wedding day.
  • Use colored contacts. Unless you wear them everyday. If not stay away, they may seem like a good idea now but ten years from now you may think differently.
  • Be too cute or trendy. Some idea may seem good to you now, but like colored contacts, they may seem foolish later on down the road.
  • Use a concealer under you eyes that too light. Make sure your makeup artist matches it to your skin well. If it’s too light it can give the effect of a deer caught in headlights.
  • Use dark eyeshadow such as charcoal, brown or black. Many times brides try to go for the ‘smokey’ eye effect, but instead end up looking like they’ve been punched. Leave the smokey eyes for the club, opt for something that’s more feminine and bridal.
  • Wear any eye shadows that are shiny, frosted and sparkle. These types of shadows can reflect light from camera flashes.
  • Absolutely do not tweeze your eyebrows the day of the wedding. Make sure to do it at least a couple days in advance so you don’t walk down the aisle with red eyebrows.
  • Wear false eyelashes. Unless you are 100% sure they are comfortable and won’t fall off. Remember if you get them on and don’t like them, they will rip a lot of your eye makeup off when you remove them.

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